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first week of october / melbourne



Portable’s Curators Conference

Amidst my travel story, you can read about the time Rachel and I spent at Portable’s Curators Conference (set in Melbourne last week) now up at the Adelaide Collective, available here.




Adelaide is full of wicked cool things, only invisible to those too busy complaining about having nothing to do. I love our city. Some of the young’ns say that Adelaide has no culture, but they’re mistaken. Open your eyes and your ears- here’s some pics from my journey to the Format Festival, after I arrived home from Melbourne. There was street karaoke, live radio, DJ’s, bands, street badminton and cheap drinks. Badass.

You can find the rest of my photos via the Adelaide Collective gallery herexx

september weekend


Some film friends of mine entered a film in the Guru:GreenRoom Short Film Competition. I helped out by lending my face and taking photos at all the wrong moments. The night of the film festival was sweet, you’ll be able to read about it soon on the Adelaide Collective. In the meantime,  you can check out my friends entry here. x