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As young philanthropist and creative, this blog is dedicated to sharing the behind-the-scenes work and play of my life in Adelaide, Australia. I spend my days feeding my curiosity for knowledge, mostly via pursuing colour, sunlight and people who smile easily and combining it all in a mixing pot of projects and creative endeavours.

Last summer, friends came together on sunny afternoons for orange juice and toast to collaborate the founding of The Adelaide Collective. Now lucky enough to be the Creative Director behind the site, you can find our website here, we’re an arts and culture magazine, focused on making the arts more accessible in adelaide city. Local Adeladian, or worldly friend with things to share, you’re welcome to send us your submissions here.

My time as an academic has taken me through hours, weeks, months and years of study evolving around: art, design, ceramics, glasswork, concept development, art history, performance,  film/ television production and other fun stuff. I currently hold certificates and  a degree as a representation of my study, but while I’m proud of my achievements, in this space, it’s acknowledged that knowledge comes from life, and that creativity comes through love, not enrolments.

Firing canons at enemy ships, we have the higher ground  was a phrase uttered by a good friend and I, a long time ago, while we were standing on rocks out to sea.  In the past, it’s meant different things to me- now, years later, We have the higher ground is a phrase that reminds me of magic. In all the fantasy stories from my youth – and also my adulthood- it was in that everything I read, mages (witches & wizards) sought out a higher space to work their magic. The mage (good or bad, and perhaps a little of both) always had their tower, you can find it in almost anything. Especially in times of pressure, those with magic would seek higher ground, and when they found it they had the most control to get in touch with the elements and practice mastery. It was where all the great things happened, and there most of the empowerment stemmed from- the moment where an individual changed the world. I believe in the positivity, courage and equality of all people, and work towards sharing the empowerment of potential through art. This blog is dedicated to creating and sharing those moments, when we have the higher ground and magic happens.