we have the higher ground

Month: July, 2012


OaktreeSA SMT down at middleton beach june 2011



second valley with rachel, hayley and belinda may 2012


Welcome to We have the higher ground– welcome to the beginning of something new!

This blog is dedicated to the sharing of the  work and play of my life as a young philanthropist and creative down in Adelaide of Australia.

I believe in the positivity, courage and equality of all people, and work towards sharing the empowerment of potential through the creative arts. This blog is dedicated to creating and sharing those moments, and you can read more about my story here. If you’re following from my previous blog, thanks for taking the trip over and coming on this journey with me! On A Panic was my home for almost 2 years and it grew through many-a creative project though ultimately, after so long I was itching for a little more structure and a space with the ability to share new themes with new projects. Our newly founded arts and culture magazine The Adelaide Collective was built by our web designer via wordpress and after spending so long taking the time to learn the tricks of the site  (on a basic level for publishing content and uploading photos) it felt only natural to start my new blog on wordpress too! This little blog doesn’t take the place of a professional folio, but I hope to spend time sharing some greater projects on here too.

Welcome to this space, I hope it’ll be just as much as a home for you as it is to me dear readers, all my love xx